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  1. Sep 25,  · I've had some nightmares of tripping (I start tripping out of nowhere and don't understand why), but not to the extent that he describes them. He told me all he wanted to do was wake up. He kept looking at this corner of his room and trying to get out of bed but he was stuck in a loop and he told me in his dream he did it like 20 times and woke.
  2. Jan 30,  · "If you are dreaming in REM sleep [your dreams shouldn't make you tired] because [REM sleep is] more refreshing," Dr. Dasgupta tells Elite Daily. "On the contrary, if you’re not in REM sleep.
  3. May 31,  · Unless you are extremely sleep deprived, going into REM sleep right away is a sign of Narcolepsy. It's NOT normal. Please schedule a sleep study, but make sure the doctor and lab you use know about Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. So many sleep docs these days just focus on apnea and really don't know how to treat Narcolepsy.
  4. If you have ever wondered why you felt you dreamt more as a child as compared to an adult, you would be correct. Infants and children can spend up to 50% of their time in the REM sleep cycles. In contrast adults will spend nearly half of their sleeping time in the second sleep state while only a small 20% is spent in the deep sleep of REM cycles.
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  6. Jun 07,  · Anyway, there are times when I can't scream and I wake up with a voiceless scream, which is a lot like crying with no sound coming out. It is really disturbing to me not to be able to scream in my dreams. I guess when I was being traumatized I wanted to scream but couldn't and so it makes sense to me that I need to scream sometimes in my dreams.
  7. Jan 12,  · For years I have been "suffering" from excessive dreaming. I have dreams that are extremely graphic, detailed and vivid. Most of the time I am .
  8. Mar 09,  · As you dream, your eyes dart back and forth beneath your eyelids, as if you were really looking at the things happening in your dreams. Some People with Sleep Apnea May Have More Disturbing Dreams While sleep apnea can reduce the number of dreams a person has at night, it doesn’t eliminate all dreaming.

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