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  1. Deimos, the outer and smaller of Mars’s two moons. It was discovered telescopically with its companion moon, Phobos, by the American astronomer Asaph Hall in and named for one of the sons of Ares, the Greek counterpart of the Roman god Mars. Deimos .
  2. Deimos is the smaller of Mars' two moons. Being only 9 by 7 by miles in size (15 by 12 by 11 kilometers), Deimos whirls around Mars every 30 hours. A 3D model of Deimos, one of two moons of Mars. Credit: NASA Visualization Technology Applications and Development (VTAD) › Download Options.
  3. Aug 03,  · The Heart of Deimos open-world expansion of Warframe coming simultaneous on August 25, to all platforms (Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch). | Subscribe #XboxViewTV ➤.
  4. Aug 03,  · Deimos is a planet covered with a living infestation. More densely packed than Fortuna, and blending an open world on its surface with a procedurally generated network of tunnels underground, Deimos feels full and alive.
  5. Deimos "Deimos, the Berserker, is an unstoppable force who seems to have no conscience when he goes on a rampage. Once the crimson moon rises in the evening, nothing can satiate his desire to destroy any mortal within his path."General Type: Aggressive.
  6. Mars is the only terrestrial planet to host multiple moons. The smaller of the two, the lumpy moon Deimos, bears more resemblance to an asteroid than .
  7. Jun 10,  · The Greek God of Fear and Panic In Greek mythology, Deimos is the son of Ares and Aphrodite and the brother of Phobos. While his brother is the personification of fear and panic, Deimos is the personification of dread and terror. The Roman version of him was called Metus or Formido.
  8. Heart of Deimos features a much more densely packed open world compared to previous zones (Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna). There's a lot more broad story .
  9. Unveiled in Heart of Deimos, Xaku wields the power of the Void, assembled into a trio of different Warframe visuals and functions. Following in the footsteps of Protea, Xaku is the 44th Warframe. The Heart of Deimos release date will be August 25, and for the first time ever in Warframe’s history, it will be launching simultaneously on all.

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